[Actualités] The words of Andy Delort after the defeats of Nîmes and Reims

Continuation of the adventures of Andy Delort in the documentary proposed by Neo Prod 34. This time we follow the Sétois debriefing the MHSC’s counter-results against Nîmes and Reims. Andy then comes to speak in the locker room to remobilize the troops.

Yeah, yeah, then it’s the captain’s role too. But it is certain that at the moment, there is nothing in our favor. So this morning, there were more things that were said. Because it’s good to talk, but you have to act what, and that, to act, it is only the men who do it. In the field, everyone can talk, but it is not the same to act. And now we will try to apply them in the field. It is complicated. Anyone can speak but act is not the same. Yeah no, but after that, there is also the fact as I tell you that in all the last games, there was nothing that was working in our favor. So some players will quickly bow their heads after you find yourself in situations where you even have the impression that you can’t change anything. And it’s real, against Reims, you take a red entry, penalty, goal. At the 35th, you take a second red. I don’t see what you can do. Even whether you are Paris or Real Madrid. I’m talking about the players, they’re not going to change anything. So there you go, after it’s just periods that make you get tough. Then we can try to mentally change things, that’s why I spoke in the locker room. I hope they listened to me after sometimes it is played out in small details. Centimeters, if we each make an effort, we can gain centimeters then meters. Then you win balloons“.

We also learn more about his role as captain when he talks about the timing he chose to speak in the locker room: “You have to know how to do it at the right time. People have to be open, that they will listen to you, you see. If you do it at the wrong time, it’s pointless. The coach had spoken well, he said things well and behind that seemed to me to be the perfect moment to speak. And behind, it was well received, we made a good opposition.”

An effective speech since the MHSC had won against St-Étienne in the wake.

An excerpt to review from 17min 30sec.



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