Actress Shares Stories from Filming Home Alone 2, Including Meeting Donald Trump and Pigeon Mishap

“I was able to come back to the hotel in a full suit covered in pigeon shit… If you want to empty the elevator quickly, dress in clothes covered in pigeon shit,” she said.

“It was a luxury for me, I got a ton of money for it and I had a great time because nothing was rushed,” says Fricker.

“It was easy because there were people on set like Joe Pesci, who is one of the funniest men I’ve ever met,” the actress recalls, adding, “It was absolutely lovely.”

The film had a small cameo with Donald Trump, who later became the president of the United States, but at the time also starred in a short cameo in the famous film and was a well-known businessman. Fricker recalled meeting him on set.

“One day I got into the elevator… And a tall, blond man got in next to me. I saw his nose twitch and he said, “I thought you were in a movie, right?” I said, “How did you guess?”

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“”He said, ‘My name is Donald Trump, and I own a hotel, and you’re welcome to stay here.’ I said, “Thank you very much.”

She described Mr Trump as “very pleasant”.

Fricker revealed in the interview that thanks to the points system, she still earns money for filming Home Alone 2.

The film turns 30 this year and is one of the favorite Christmas films to be seen on TV3 Friday nights as well as on Next Generation TV Go3!.

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