Actress Livia Brito Stuns with Radical New Makeover for Upcoming Soap Opera

The beautiful television actress, Livia Brito became a topic of conversation in the world of social networks after sharing a couple of photographs in which she showed off her radical new makeoverwhich everything seems to indicate that he will appear in his new soap opera.

It was through her Instagram account where the model also stole everyone’s attention by uploading two images looking very different or at least that’s what her loyal followers let her know, who did not hesitate to comment on how she looked with her new cut.

The model is one of the favorites on social networks. Photo: Special

Livia Brito impresses with her new look

Before his more than seven million followers on Instagram, Livia Britoone of the most recognized actresses in all of Mexico, shared two images showing off the new look she will wear during 2023 on her return to the small screen.

It turns out that the protagonist of soap operas like “La desalmada” and “Lapilota” surprised all Internet users by showing that she has a new image. The famous woman born in Havana in Cuba wore a new haircut very similar to the one worn by the young singer Ángela Aguilar.

The model conquered everyone. Photo: Instagram/@liviabritopes

As expected, Livia Brito’s new style did not go unnoticed by anyone, reaching almost 13 million “likes” and receiving thousands of comments, which highlight how good she looks. Some fans speculated that she might be an appearance solely for her new performance.

It received thousands of likes. Photo: Instagram/@liviabritopes

Who is Livia Brito?

Livia Brito is a famous actress born in Havana, Cuba, who has developed much of her career in Mexico. Throughout her career she has stood out for her work in soap operas such as “Minas de Pasión”, “La Desalmada” and “La Piloto”.


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