Activision Blizzard Employees Announce Strike for Next Wednesday (28)

In response to the posture of the Activision Blizzard with the process that involves harassment and discrimination in the workplace, employees announced that they will go on strike next Wednesday (28).

The measure will be a way to protest against the internal and external statements of the company’s leadership, which denied the accusations, and to demand a more equal treatment of all.

“We believe that our values ​​are not being reflected in the words and actions of our leadership,” officials said in a statement about the strike shared by the website. Axios.

The act will be done online and in person at the Blizzard campus in Irvine, Southern California. The online part will take place between 1:00 pm and 10:00 pm with the hashtag #ActiBlizzWalkout, while the face-to-face will be between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm — all in Brasília time.

Previously, more than 1,500 employees and former employees signed a letter condemning the executives’ attitude Activision Blizzard, mainly due to a statement issued by one of the company’s main leaders, Frances Townsend.

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