Action in “Panorama”: No please! Come outside!

An unprecedented action in “Panorama” on BNT ended with a call: “I’ll wait outside”. “Voice of the People” president Svetoslav Vitkov and Dimitar Mitev of “Bulgarian Social Democracy – Euroleft” (by Alexander Tomov) exchanged accusations of being a “chalga singer” and a “communist” respectively.

Vitkov and Mitev first diverged on the role of Alexander Tomov in CSKA and then compared their upbringing. In the course of the scandal, it became clear about Mitev that he graduated from the English High School and Political Science of the SU, and Vitkov-SMG and “Economics”.

Vitkov was visibly infuriated by the accusation of chanting chalga: “You are out”, he suggested and stood up to his interlocutor, who also stood up.

“I will never become a servant of a Communist like you, nor a servant of Sasho Tomov,” he declared.

Presenter Boyko Vasilev and other participants in the pre-election debate have repeatedly called for an end to the scandal. “This is not how votes are obtained,” the reporter warned.

Eventually, after 4 minutes of action, Vitkov still left the studio with the threat that the Communists would have to fight because we haven’t beaten them in the past. In the end, he told his he opponent that he would wait for him outside.

Mitev looked visibly stunned and worried about what had happened. Which is paradoxical, because some time ago it was he who threatened to hit me from the TV screen.

In the “Referendum” program, also on BNT 1, the representative of the “Bulgarian Social Democracy – Euroleft” accused the head of the state health inspector Assoc. Angel Kunchev of all the fatal consequences of Covid-19. “A simple farmer! Angel Kunchev, I will personally beat him!”, He then threatened.

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