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Acquisition of 2020: Salesforce buys Slack for 590 billion crowns

Slack, a tool for dark communication

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The American company Salesforce, which specializes in cloud services for corporate customers, announced acquisition of Slack Technologies software for a total amount of approximately $ 27.7 billion (approximately CZK 590 billion). Slack’s shareholders will receive cash and a salesforce stock.

Stewart (Butterfield) and his team have built one of the most popular platforms in software history to excel in today’s ecosystem, according to Mark Benioff, Salesforce. Together, Salesforce and Slack will shape the future of corporate software tools and change the way people can work in the digital space, from anywhere in the world.

spn nstroj was created as a by-product

The Slack communication tool, primarily used for the organization of smaller and older teams, originally began to emerge as an internal tool of the game development team. Although their game (Glitch) did not take place in 2012, a year later they pivoted their development and launched their internal tool public.

Since the arrest, the platform has been in a relative hurry, and in 2015 u hlsila 60 thousand platcch tm. The user took a moment (and criticized) especially for its informality. Instead of classic folders, addresses and rigid organizational structures typical of the corporate genre, she used tools known from chat or social networks: hashtags, conversations, labels, comments.

Slack, a tool for dark communication

In 2020, Slack saw significant growth due to the global covid-19 pandemic and related anti-epidemic measures. a number of teams that until now did not need a tool for intensive communication in real time, half walls or fully on the Slack platform.

In English, slack can be peloit as well-being or relaxation, but the authors have come up with an abbreviation: Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge. The first searchable feature is a tool from Slack that sets it apart from other dark conversion platforms.


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