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Accent nekt ‘Ciske’ Dave Dekker in The Voice | TV

entertainment">With the number Evening (I believe in you and me) wilde Dave coaches Anouk, Ali B, Jan Smit in Waylon to convince him to run for him. Dave planned to choose Jan.

entertainment">After his role as little Ciske in Ciske de Rat, the musical, he took second place in the first season of 2012 The voice kids. Dave also tried it in Topper wanted in 2018, where he made it to the semi-finals. Now 23 years old and with a different voice, with which he wanted to ‘show himself again’, he went back to Dutch.

entertainment">His Amsterdam accent barely resonated in the introduction round, but during the performance of his audition number it crept back in. Waylon and Jan were not charmed by it. Anouk thought it was terrible, partly because of the ‘nasal voice’. Dave said afterwards that he was tense for his performance.

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