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Abdullah Gül and Muharrem İnce interpretation of Yılmaz Özdil!

Yilmaz, Turkey’s most widely read author, Özdil in our TV Tulip Ozan Arslan was the guest. Özdil, who made important statements on the agenda, made the following statements about Muharrem İnce, who was alleged to leave the CHP and establish a new party;

* I say it regardless of what I have experienced with Muharrem İnce; I am perhaps one of the journalists who criticizes the CHP the most, but let me say this as a self-criticism, I do this with the belief that it will be a stronger CHP and I insist; CHP is not possible to get back from Turkey. Therefore, my criticism of the CHP should continue in the struggle within the CHP.

* So Muharrem İnce, if you want to be beneficial to the country, you will fight within the party. If you are in the party, you will say what you want to say there, if you cannot work in the party, then you will be the elder brother, you will guide the people in the party. The AKP supporters are most happy when Muharrem İnce leaves the party and criticizes the party.


Abdullah Gul’s presidential candidate from the CHP Referring to Turkey’s claim to be the most widely read columnist Yilmaz Ozdil, said;

* If the CHP will nominate Abdullah Gul, I will vote for Tayyip Erdogan. So stop being talked about, it is also an insult to CHP voters.

* Looking at the Ergenekon calipers problems actually start in Turkey on 3 November 2002. It began with the Gregorian Abdullah Gul, Cankaya, problems of living in Turkey.

* Abdullah Gül’s presidency is actually against the spirit of the CHP’s founding vision. Therefore, even talking about Abdullah Gül’s candidacy is an insult to CHP voters.


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