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abandonment of the communist candidate, Clémentine Autain alone in the second round

After the abandonment of Azzedine Taïbi in the 4th district of Seine-Saint-Denis, it is another dissident communist candidate who announces her return from the second round of the legislative elections. Virginie de Carvalho will not be present in the second round in the 11th district (Villepinte, Tremblay-en-France, Sevran). Only Clémentine Autain (Nupes) will be in the running.

A dissident communist candidacy

The first deputy mayor of Tremblay-en-France announced it last night in front of her activists. In a Facebook post, the communist explains: “Obviously, this result is a disappointment for us. For the second round, we decide to withdraw our candidacy and not to oppose the NUPES candidate….”.

Virginie de Carvalho who obtained 15.18% of the vote, far behind the 46.15% obtained by her rival, assumes her dissent in the first round: “Our candidacy had its full value. We affirm more than ever our desire to have elected officials close to the inhabitants and anchored in the territory. We are and will be a force with which our 3 cities must be counted to make progress and strengthen the republican and popular left”.

Clémentine Autain “takes note” of this decision

Clémentine Autain reacts to this withdrawal in a press release. The Rogue takes “act” of this decision which, according to her, is “the result of a constraint, the too big gap between our scores”. She regrets the position of the now ex-candidate. “For many months, my predecessor and mayor of Tremblay-en-France, François Asensi, led a fierce campaign against me with Virginie de Carvalho, not hesitating to slander me for lack of serious political arguments. was a local power worth missing out on the historic gathering of the NUPES, bringing together rebels, ecologists, communists, socialists, personalities from the world of work and culture, and therefore the interest of the inhabitants of our cities?

This Sunday, June 19, Clémentine Autain will therefore be the only candidate in the running and should be re-elected in this 11th constituency where abstention exceeded 67%.

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