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A video that caused a sensation in Egypt. Sherine dances with a young man

The pioneers of social networks in Egypt have widely released, in the past few hours, a video of the singer Sherine Abdel Wahab, who reunites her with a young man from outside the artistic community while they dance in one of the evenings.

Sherine appeared in the video, dancing “salsa” with the young man to the notes of his new song “Metro”, amid the interaction of a number of participants, including artist Ilham Shaheen and his brother Amir Shaheen.

young dancer

Later, it was revealed that the young man was a Latin dance coach, named Mohamed Ahmed, according to local media.

Sherine had recently shared with her fans a photo of herself with Mohamed Salah, player of the Egyptian national team and star of the English club Liverpool, which she posted through her accounts on the communication sites, commenting: “The moon is not complete”.

crisis of losses

Interestingly, the Egyptian artist recently faced a disclosure crisis of his new songs, including the song “Metro”, which he had previously announced plans to present, and was written by poet Amir Taima, composed by Amr Mostafa, and distributed by Nabulsi, before it was postponed.

Meanwhile, the owner of “Jarh Tani” prepares to meet her audience at a new party on October 8, at Misr University for Science and Technology’s Silver Jubilee Celebration.

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