A typical Central European summer: it cooled by 20 degrees during the day


“We are finally experiencing a typical Central European summer. In recent years, it has been more of a Mediterranean, dry and high temperature year, ”Hons described the leaps in the weather.

High temperatures on Friday were caused by the warm southwest current. The temperature record was recorded on Friday in Brod nad Dyjí, when it was 34.2 degrees, it was still warm in many places at night, but with the arrival of the morning, the temperature dropped. “The weather has been affected by the cold front, which has brought heavy rainfall from the northwest,” Hons said.

In addition to the northwestern part of the territory in the Czech Republic, it is now raining and the cold weather is moving more and more to the east.

“For example, in South Moravia it is now 17 degrees, and that’s the most there will be in the whole day,” she said.

In the west, it is getting colder and colder, at the airport in Karlovy Vary it is now 11 degrees, in Liberec 12. It is currently 14 degrees in Prague, which is 18 degrees less than on Friday afternoon.

The northwest current should not weaken until the beginning of next week, temperatures will be a maximum of 23 degrees on Monday and Tuesday. At night, however, temperatures will fall below 10 degrees. It could get a little warm on Wednesday, but it should rain again.

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