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A twist in Kylie Jenner’s baby name as Emilie Fanich (Large families) throws a curveball – X Gossip

The 9th wonder of the Fanichs was highly anticipated. This Wednesday, March 22, the moved couple revealed that they had welcomed a little girl, and immediately revealed an adorable snapshot of their baby. But a mystery remains, the first name of the divine child. In story today, Emilie Fanich confided her disorder…

With 8 children on the counterthey do not lack experience. When this Tuesday, March 21, Emilie and Franck Fanich revealed that the birth of their ninth child was imminent, they were not mistaken. “It’s time !“, had trumpeted the pretty blonde, in the caption of a snapshot of her and her husband in her room at the maternity ward. The latter then clarified in his Instagram story that his wife’s collar was “open to 5″ and that he couldn’t wait to meet the new member of the tribe.

It only took a handful of hours for Niya’s little sister, Maïly, Édène, Naële, Eïmi, Mjih, Ali and Ava to show the tip of his nose. “Bonjour”they wrote in the caption of a snapshot on which their tender community was able to discover a baby with a masked face, but with already opulent hair…

Patience, until the family council

Now obviously all the faithful want to know the first name of the one who – Emilie Fanich swore – should be their last child. For the moment, the beauty cannot answer this burning question as she explained this Thursday, March 23, in story. “For the moment she does not have one yet”, she said. “Well yeah it’s the first time it’s done that to us. Édène and Ava were born without a first name, well we weren’t sure, she corrected. But we had first names, so we said to ourselves when we see them we will give them their first name, that’s what happened, in the hour following their birth they had their first name. But here we really have a total blockage even if since last night when I went to bed we are on a first name. I’m waiting for the girls to come so that we’re all together, we’ll choose…”

The young mother revealed the first name which had so far held the rope and which should have been given to her if she had not, like Kylie Jenner, decided that it did not suit her. “It was Kim, many of you found,” she confessed. “Since we chose it we kept saying it at home and for 15 days we could no longer adhere to this first name, it did not correspond to us“. A feeling reinforced by seeing their daughter. “A name is forever we’ll call it that all our lives no need to rush“, she justified herself. All that’s left now for his community, is to wait…

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