A tuning legend. A Porsche 911 rebuilt by a singer and a Japanese madman

The best confirmation of the fact that this is an exceptionally perfect product and a masterpiece of engineering genius is that Zuffenhausen recently celebrated 50 years of production of this unfettered icon. And besides, no other car has such a large number of modifications. Do you know any of them?

The exceptional design of the Porsche 911 with an unusually rear-mounted engine is already in its eighth generation and still selling well.

Even after fifty years, the car is still beautiful and decorated with the same fascinating flowing lines, but of course it meets modern technical standards in a different way – with each generation came a fundamental technical evolution that adapted the 911 to the requirements of the time and the tastes of today’s drivers. However, the ride remained the same, i.e. raw and unrestrained.

The Porsche 911 was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12, 1963. But then it was more of a car that later became the 911. It was originally called the 901 and was produced under that name until 1968, before Peugeot came along. It has had a zero in the middle of the three-digit number in the car’s name, protected by a patent since the 1920s. There is probably no point in discussing how strange this patent is. Even the fact that the racing Porsche 904 or 909 did not bother the French, the car company had to retreat. And so 911 was born.

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