A surprise explodes..Dana Jabr reveals secrets about her love life after the leaked video crisis..and a follower and you don’t care

The Syrian artist revealed Algebra expert about her love affair with a person outside the artistic community who refused to be named.

Dana Jaber, who disappeared for a long time after the leaked videos scandal, said that she is living a love story that began a year ago. They may be delivered soon.

And Dana Jabr indicated, during her interview on the “Insan” program on the “Yalla Trend” platform, that her lover is a Capricorn. And his fault

And she added, “But he is a very kind and understanding person.” Dana revealed that she prefers simplicity in her wedding, with the importance of being present.

The Syrian artist spoke about herself as a lover and said: “I am a jealous person in love, very nervous, and think a lot about the smallest details.”

Dana continued, “The end of relationships for me would be vengeful if I loved the person with all my heart.”

She added, “Violating the artist’s privacy has become commonplace. The Arab peoples are now more backward, to the point where they believe in the West that the style of the series “Bab Al-Hara” dominates the lives of Syrians. and reverence for backward men and ideas.”

Dana spoke of people’s love for her, and said, “This is a gift from God.” It could be because of my personality, my style, my acting, or even my looks.”


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