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“A superstar is going to land in New York”

Authors of a great season, the Knicks have scored a lot of points in recent months. For this legend of the league, there is no doubt that a superstar will soon land in the Big Apple.

For a long time stuck in the depths of the Eastern Conference, the Knicks have beaten the odds this season. Rather than stay in the depths, the franchise has found Julius Randle to be a true leader. The latter has taken a real step forward this year, being rewarded with All-Star status. In its wake, fans of the Big Apple could dream.

Of course, it all ended badly after a first-round elimination against the Hawks, but that doesn’t take away from the beautiful New York campaign. The future looks bright enough, because the front office has the means to prolong happiness for a long time.

With money for free agency, many draft rounds for the next few years and some promising youngsters: the Knicks can be smiling. We still have to make the right choices, but the options are there. The other possibility is obviously to sign a star on the market, and it could be as early as this summer.

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