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On the occasion of the National Day, a statue of William Tell was inaugurated on Sunday on a New York island. This artistic project is intended as a symbol of democracy.

The statue, a replica of the same size (4 meters) as the original monument in Altdorf, was inaugurated in the afternoon. It is located on “Rat Island”, an islet 80 by 50 meters off the Bronx neighborhood and 400 meters from City Island.

The only private island in New York, it does not have a landing stage and can only be visited by boat or helicopter. The land belongs to two Swiss expatriates.

Freedom Ambassadors

The Zurich artist Gerry Hofstetter wanted to remind us that the origin of democracy has its roots in Switzerland. The statue therefore fits perfectly into his “Tell goes West” project combining democracy, small apple, William Tell and “think big”, indicates a press release.

Tell and his son Walter are presented as ambassadors of freedom in New York. Their gaze is turned to the southwest, towards the Statue of Liberty, located 27 kilometers in a straight line.

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A statue of William Tell inaugurated off New York / Le Journal du matin / 1 min. / Aug 1, 2016


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