A shocking and catastrophic secret behind Muhammad Ramadan’s hiding his mother’s profession from everyone… You will never imagine what she was doing secretly and without anyone knowing!

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Muhammad Ramadan started his life from scratch, as it is said, until he achieved all this great fame that prompted some to describe him as a legend and prompted him to describe himself as Number One.

The origins of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, goes back to one of the governorates of Upper Egypt, which is the governorate of Qena, where his father grew up, while his mother grew up in one of the governorates of Lower Egypt, specifically the city of Tanta, as she stated in one of the television interviews, but after her marriage she moved to live in Giza since She was sixteen years old.

Muhammad Ramadan lived his childhood with his family in Al-Munib, a neighborhood in the south of Giza, and he has two brothers, Mahmoud and Iman, the youngest of them, as he was born in 1988.

The mother of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, revealed that she works as a seamstress, and her profession is an artistic thing, and this is what she touched in her son since the first day she saw him on the school stage, where she found talent. She added, during an old interview, “Maybe” with the journalist Khairy Ramadan on the cbc channel, that she did not worry about him entering the field of acting, noting that the art critic Ahmed Abdel Hamid always told him that you are a disaster.

It is noteworthy that the last work of Mohamed Ramadan is the series “Al-Meshwar”, which was shown last Ramadan, and co-starring Dina El-Sherbiny, Amr Abdel-Jalil, Ahmed Saeed Abdel-Ghani, Bayoumi Fouad, Nada Bassiouni, Ahmed Magdy, Khaled Kamal, Ahmed Safwat, written by Mohamed Farid, and directed by Mohammad Yaseen.

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