A row from years ago. Gozdyra versus Cejrowski. The journalist recalls that he put her in an armchair and … took her out of the room

Agnieszka Gozdyra and Wojciech Cejrowski have been friends for years. They worked together already in the 90s. Then there was a conflict between them.

As a student, Gozdyra took an unpaid internship at Radio Kolor, where Wojciech Cejrowski worked at that time. The station was managed by Wojciech Mann and Krzysztof Materna. Currently working at Polsat, the journalist described an event from years ago.

There was a room called a losing room, now it would probably be more of an editing room. And there you had to sign up in the queue, such a graphic, such a card that hung on the door, we booked who, when and at what time uploaded their materials, so that they could then be mounted on the assembly tables. (…) In my case, this situation was a little longer than expected. According to the timetable, Wojtek Cejrowski burst into the losing room and began shouting in a great voice that now he and I were leaving

Gozdyra said.

I was then a very young girl with a very great lack of humility and I didn’t care that a star was standing in front of me then, he already had his program “WC Quarter” … And there was just a row

– she added.

He led her out in an armchair

The row in the room ended with Cejrowski sitting Gozdyra on an armchair and… led her out of the room. The bosses intervened in the case. Cejrowski, however, did not want to apologize to his younger friend. Over time, however, he changed his mind.

He came, kissed his hand, the earth shook then on Królewska Street, where the first seat of Radio Kolor was located. And so our relationship began

– reports Gozdyra.

Mly / Ipla

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