A play motivates prevention against the El Niño phenomenon

Talking about prevention can be tedious, therefore, the Guayas authorities have developed a theatrical proposal that meets that vital objective.

El Niño Phenomenon: When do the rains start in Guayaquil?

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The piece, titled ‘Batteries with El Niño’, is directed by the renowned playwright Augusto Enríquez. This indicates that the comedy was structured following a real risk management report, whose main axes served to choose the points to highlight in the work.

“We have the character of a neighbor who he is interested in his neighborhood and calls the others to clean, make a minga, fix the roofs,” he explains.

The neighbors of an imaginary enclosure are the protagonists of the piece, who are dedicated to preparing for the natural phenomenon, until El Niño appears on the sceneplayed by Enriquez.

The work will be presented in different cantons of the province, among them Daule, Yaguachi, Virgin of Fátima and Naranjal. There will also be a performance for students at the Main Port.

2023-12-09 23:53:09
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