A new patent for Apple reveals an unprecedented feature of MacBook devices

Apple acquired a new patent related to what is known as the “default sound mode”, which could lay the foundation for new, more adventurous new audio applications, as it relied on a previous patent filed by the company last month, which enabled users to know where people were physically located in a room Another is through a special headphone technology, and today patented it does exactly the same, but with built-in speakers MacBook.

According to 9to5Mac American, it is a virtual sound system that works by using mutual interference cancellation, which makes users feel that the sound comes from a different place from the speakers, and the effect, as stated by Apple’s patent, is to allow the audio signals to contain “spatial signals” that allow The sound has almost to be positioned in space, and the patent was originally filed in 2018, according to the company Patently Apple.


Perhaps this can be used to enhance the feeling of being – for example, while listening to sports broadcasts, and although the commercial uses of the patent are fairly straightforward (consider making better group calls), there are entertainment applications that must be considered, and technology can be applied to Games and TV shows, for example, to make users feel more immersed, which means that you may one day watch more TV programs on your computer, and feel that you are really in the middle of the action..

And recent reports indicated that Apple is seeking to launch a “laptop” computer targeting electronic games during 2020, which means that Apple may enter a new product category, according to a report issued by Patently Apple, It is said that the new device will come at a price of up to 5000 dollars.

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