A new attempt: the White House and the Democrats seek to bring closer positions on the aid package | Univision Health News

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Donald Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, arrived Monday afternoon at the office of Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi in a new attempt to bring the far-flung positions of both sides closer with a new economic stimulus package.

Democratic minority leader in the Senate Charles Schumer will also attend the meeting, which is likely to focus on what to do with the expired $ 600 unemployment benefit.

Upon arrival, Meadows was asked if he had any expectations about the meeting, to which he replied: “None yet,” according to CNN.

Republicans are looking to cut that $ 600 to $ 200 a week for a couple of months, while states can put into operation a scheme that would deliver the equivalent of 70% of people’s wages before they became unemployed.

This is because they assure that some people have chosen to receive benefits before looking for another job, due to the fact that those subsidies exceeded their lost wages.

Democrats, for their part, remain steadfast in extending the $ 600 in its entirety until early 2021, arguing that the unemployment rate remains at a historically high level.

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