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a mini-tornado tears off around thirty roofs and many trees near La Réole

A new storm, called Leon, has been sweeping the Atlantic coast since this Sunday morning. In Gironde-sur-Dropt, near La Réole, in South Gironde, it looked like a mini-tornado. On a 2 kilometer and 800 meter wide corridor, very strong winds caused a lot of material damage shortly before noon.

A car ripped open by the fall of a section of wall © Photo credit: Yann Saint-Sernin

Thirty roofs were reportedly torn off. Trees also did not resist the mini-tornado. At 3 p.m., the firefighters did not notice none injured. Météo France also mentioned two minor injuries. The RD 1113 is currently closed to traffic.

South West
© Photo credit: Laurent Theillet

The phenomenon was brief, only a few minutes, and caused by a small convective line. “But this is a classic situation in winter. As the air is colder at altitude, the line brought with it rains, thunderstorms very locally and therefore strong gusts of wind.”

South West
© Photo credit: Laurent theillet

Difficult on the other hand to know precisely the power of the gusts in Gironde-sur-Dropt, but shortly before, Météo France recorded 106 km / h in Bordeaux and between 90 and 100 km / h around La Réole. “It is a very localized phenomenon and above all difficult to predict”.

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