A lot of effort is not rewarded with points

Davos loses the TV game on Sunday evening against Fribourg-Gottéron 2:4. The home team scored a double strike within two minutes at the start of the middle third – a loss that Davos were unable to make up for as the game progressed.

The game against Fribourg-Gottéron already had a lot to offer in the first few minutes of the game. Third minute of the game: Goal for Gottéron and shortly afterwards a penalty for Davos. Fourth minute of the game: Emotions come into play, which results in further penalties, one for each team. Sixth minute of the game: HCD equalizes, Bristedt comes straight from the penalty box and sets up for Dominik Egli. The fact that Graubünden had to be outnumbered again before the middle of the first third was due to a harshly whistled penalty.
However, the more dangerous actions usually occur in the first third at 5:5. Until – De la Rose received a penalty for Gotteron and Sprunger shot a broken stick that was on the ice towards the HCD player. Davos is awarded a penalty, which Bristedt doesn’t use and the HCD doesn’t manage to score the lead in the subsequent power play either.
The home team achieved this 60 seconds after the restart. Mottet directed a harmless long-range shot into the net (22nd). And just 67 seconds later, Dominik Binias took advantage of a brief confusion in the Davos defense and gave Aeschlimann no chance to defend himself (23′). Josh Holden then called the time-out. A wake-up call was necessary if we didn’t want to get under the wheels here.
But before the HCD could react, they had to find themselves outnumbered again. Luckily for them, Friborg didn’t use its many power plays today. Davos had the chance to score the next goal shortly before the end of the middle third, but their power play wasn’t successful either.

That doesn’t change in the last third either. Davos did not withdraw from another two penalties against the home team. They did get in front of Berra dangerously a few times, but in the end the puck wouldn’t go in. On the other hand, the home team managed their lead well and cleverly and gave Davos hardly any space. Three minutes before the end, Aeschlimann left his box for the first time, which initially paid off when Dominik Egli scored the next goal (57th). The second time, however, the home team made the decision with the Empty Netter (60th).

Davos will have their next chance for away points on Saturday evening in Kloten, and Langnau will be guests at the next home game on Sunday at 3:45 p.m.

Those: HCD Online Editorial Office Photo: HCFG

2023-12-03 21:54:55
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