a high school student from Louis-Betrange excels in economics

The subject, “yet difficult” by the admission of a member of the jury, inspired her. High school student Sandra Cotte had four hours to discuss tax policies and the fight against inequality. The student of Terminale “Sciences and technologies of management and management” from the Louis-Bertrand high school in Val de Briey (Meurthe-et-Moselle) has just won the STMG Economic Excellence Prize.

“In the Academy of Nancy-Metz, we received 94 copies. His seduced us by the quality of his expression, the good use of the documents provided beforehand and the coherence of the subject”, appreciates Didier Fichaux, the deputy director of the Banque de France in Metz, who came to give him his diploma and gifts, Tuesday afternoon.

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A 2e and 3e price for students of Sarreguemines

This is the first time that the Valdobriotin school has participated in this competition organized by the National Education in collaboration with the Banque de France. The 2e and 3e prizes were awarded respectively to Alexis Spieles and Mathieu Schwartz, from the Jean-de-Pange high school in Sarreguemines. Their companion being ill, the two laureates could not attend the ceremony.

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