A Guide to Jingcai Green Consumer Coupons: How to Get and Use Coupons for Discounts on Popular Products in Beijing

Original title: A new batch of Jingcai Green Consumer Coupons will be issued today

News from our newspaper (Reporter Ma Jing) The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that from June 3 to July 16, starting at 10 am every day, consumers in Beijing can use the online platforms of 19 companies including JD.com, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Suning. Receive Jingcai Green Consumption Coupon.

The platforms that issued consumer vouchers this time include JD.com, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Suning, Red Star Macalline, Unicom Huasheng, CCB Life, Anjuzhuang, Dazhong, Gome, Porda Xincheng, B&Q, Wumart Jingbei, Tianyu Xinde, Yi There are 19 companies including Keshiji, Dixintong, Changda Siyuan, Huaguan and Huaxintong. Consumers in Beijing can receive one or more coupons on the online platform of the same participating company, up to five coupons totaling 1,600 yuan.

Coupons can be used to purchase more than 20,000 products in 55 categories including computers, bicycles, monitors, air purifiers, smart sofas, smart beds, dishwashers, TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and printers.

ICBC, CCB, and UnionPay simultaneously carry out Jingcai green superimposed preferential activities. Consumers can enjoy discounts of 15 yuan to 100 yuan when spending at designated merchants in multiple scenarios such as retail, catering, and cultural tourism. Participating companies such as JD.com, Suning, and Xiaomi have launched trade-in activities such as old-for-new, and designated products such as air conditioners and refrigerators can enjoy a discount of up to 800 yuan for new ones.

(Editors in charge: Chi Mengrui, Bao Congying)

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