A driver intercepted in La Rioja driving at 195 km/h on the AP-68


Agents of the Traffic Sector of the Civil Guard in La Rioja, have processed three administrative complaints against a 47-year-old man, resident in Moncada i Reixach -Barcelona-, for driving his vehicle on the AP-68 at 195 km/h, with the presence of drugs in his body and with the rear wheels of his car totally worn out.

The action took place during the execution of a speed control device established, in coordination, between the Provincial Traffic Headquarters in La Rioja and the Traffic Sector of the Armed Institute.

Agents from the Traffic Sector who were carrying out speed monitoring tasks at kilometer point 172*700, of the AP-68, municipality of Calahorra, captured a Mercedes brand car traveling at 195 km/h. in a section limited to 120 km/h, thereby exceeding the maximum speed allowed by 75 km/h.

Moments after the event, the driver could be intercepted, identified and subjected to the mandatory detection test for the presence of drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances in his body, giving positive results for cannabis -THC-, which is why the investigation was carried out. preparation of the appropriate complaint file for its referral to the competent body for its sanction – Provincial Traffic Headquarters in La Rioja-. In addition, two other sanction proposal files were prepared against this driver for the violation of excessive speed and for driving with the rear wheels of the vehicle completely worn out.

The intake of alcoholic beverages, as well as that of drugs and toxic substances influences the driver of a vehicle with the decrease in sensory capacity, reflexes and attention when driving, distorting the perception of reality, determining inappropriate driving and creating a concrete danger to one’s own life and that of the rest of the road users, exponentially increasing the possibility of suffering a road accident.

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The three administrative complaints processed against this person carry a fine of 1,800 euros and the withdrawal of 12 points from his driving license.

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