A drifting boat injures a woman and forces her to evacuate a beach in El Campello | Radio Alicante | Present

A ship that was adrift has injured a 33-year-old woman with its propeller and forced her to vacate a beach in El Campello, before the danger of going towards the coast and hitting a swimmer, as reported by the town council.

The events took place around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, when the lifeguard at the post spotted a boat adrift. Immediately, the rescue protocol was activated, with reinforcement of the Carrer La Mar and citizen collaboration, which allowed the evacuation of the crew and sailors who were in the water.

Apparently the boat had been hit hard by a wave and as a result, the people on the boat had fallen into the water. The ship, with the engine running and adrift, began to make a circular path. At that time the propeller it reached the young woman, causing her injuries of varying degrees.

The ship has been adrift for more than an hour, so all bathers have been evacuated from the water due to the danger posed by a possible change in its trajectory.

For this reason, the Lifeguarding has set up a surveillance device to control that “at no time” this change of course occurred and, if so, be able to immobilize it.

When assessing the situation as a controlled risk, the engine has been waited for after running out of fuel. However, notice has been given to Maritime Rescue. Upon arrival, the boat was already stopped, so it was towed to port.

The medical team, an ambulance and a rapid intervention vehicle from the Rescue and Lifeguard Service have traveled to the scene of the event.

The wounded young woman, a neighbor of Villena, has suffered various injuries to a thigh, knee and ankle. Once attended by the doctor and the service nurse, she was transferred to the hospital in Saint John of Alicante, where she has been admitted and waiting to be operated on.

The Councilor for Beaches of the El Campello City Council, Julio Oca, has valued the “crucial” intervention of the Lifeguard service and has highlighted the intervention of two citizens who, with their jet skis, collaborated in the assistance and evacuation tasks.

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