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A deep divide in SYRIZA-Ti took place at the meeting of the Executive Office – 2024-04-21 17:10:46

The homogenization of the political discourse of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance and with the current leadership of Stefanos Kasselakis is achieved only with a political miracle.

And this lack of a unified discourse, the improvisation, the impossibility of a common political point of view on major issues that touch the core of SYRIZA’s values ​​is the major problem of the official opposition.

Yesterday’s meeting of the Executive Office of SYRIZA, a few hours after the return of Stefanos Kasselakis from the USA, on the eve of the announcement of the party’s European ballot this afternoon, was indicative of the gap that exists within it even among people who support current president.

Although the meeting was relatively calm, many issues of strategy and personality were raised that will clearly be discussed with intensity after the European elections.

In the shadow of the reports of St. Kasselakis in the USA during his discussion with Archbishop Elpidophoros about the miracle that according to him took place at his baptism pool with the appearance of the Cross, the meeting gave the president of SYRIZA the opportunity to understand that the majority of his party is in another climate from the same.

It was no coincidence that some members, always with the information that these central figures give, pointed out that the reference to the miracle created a major issue and put SYRIZA in the field of irrationality. Others expressed objections to St.’s attitude. Kasselakis on the issue of Israel and NATO and especially for the positive statement in favor of the Israelis immediately after the strike on Iran and the positive references to the US president John Biden.

There it was pointed out that it was a mistake to agree a meeting with the Jewish organization AIPAC, which is considered one of the toughest against SYRIZA executives, despite the fact that it was eventually cancelled.

Others raised the question of the drawing up of the European ballot in the shadow of the expulsion of Dimitris Papanotas, an issue that also created a big problem for SYRIZA.

Of course St. Kasselakis had decided to exclude him while he was still in the US, but the developments ran much faster and the move was made without the president of SYRIZA even communicating with D. Papanotas. This is where the intervention of MEP candidate Sofia Bekatorou worked decisively.

Today the announcement of the European ballot

This afternoon, the entire SYRIZA European ballot will be announced with the five names (including D. Papanotas replaced by Konstantinos Sidiropoulos) that did not enter the election process and are a personal choice of St. Kasselakis.

However, the major issue for SYRIZA executives is to accept this new treaty with St. Kasselakis in leadership. His positions often alienate them. George Tsipras, candidate for the European Parliament, said yesterday that he was not elected leader so that we can change and he said he was shocked by the report of a miracle.

We don’t want any more Katrougalos, said Vangelis Antonaros, also a candidate for MEP and staunch supporter of St. Kasselakis, in a very negative climate for SYRIZA that does not even a miracle correct it.

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