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a Brazilian woman was convicted of harassing Harry Styles – 2024-04-22 16:32:51

There have been several cases of entertainment personalities who have been victims of harassment by their fans, some that despite having little complexity are still a problem and other cases that were quite traumatic, such as the example of John Lennon, who was murdered by The Beatles fan, Mark Chapman, for the simple desire to stand out and remain in the history of the legendary British group.

Since his foray into music with One Direction, Harry Styles became one of the most prominent personalities loved by millions of fans. However, that fanaticism exceeded and became an obsession for Myra Carvalho, a 35-year-old Brazilian.

Sentenced to prison for sending 8 thousand letters

Information from The Sun explained that the woman was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison after admitting that she sent the “As It Was” singer more than 8,000 love letters in less than a month to her home in north London.


The aforementioned media indicated that the South American was detained in a hotel in Earls Court, west of London, after having stayed there after traveling from her country to personally take some of the letters to Styles’ home.

The Prosecutor stated that Carvalho’s harassment had a “substantial effect on the complainant’s usual daily activities” and that he suffered a great “shock.” In her statements to Scotland Yard, the woman revealed that her family in Brazil did not know that she had traveled to her and she stated that she had “sexual impulses” towards the singer.

Harry Styles was shocked by the event, as detailed by a source to The Sun. In addition, among his inner circle, the 30-year-old interpreter would have commented that he intended to have his security and that of his partner, Taylor Russell, reinforced.

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