A Big Møøøc, thank you

Jessica A. Nelson from Mosinee, Wisconsin in the USA was just about to have some fast food at McDonald’s in Marshfield, when she closed her eyes. For in the back seat of a Buick three cars in front of her in the drive-thru queue sat nothing less than a bouncing live cow.

– THERE IS AN ENTIRE COW IN THE BACK OF THAT CAR. A WHOLE POKKERS COW, Nelson wrote in his Facebook update, and The Independent points out that they would probably also use capital letters (capital letters).

The news agency AP has gotten hold of Nelson after the video went viral. She is still slightly shocked by the experience.

– At first I thought it was fake. Who puts a cow in a Buick? she says, and could probably expand the number of car models quite radically.

– But then it touched his head.

Nelson was quick to pick up the cell phone and secure video of the not-quite-everyday sight.

– I filmed it because I was almost beaten to the ground because it was a cow in a Buick, she says to the news agency.

Then she posted the video on The Facebook page wrote, “How to say you live in Wisconsin without saying you live in Wisconsin” and was suddenly one of today’s big viral moments on Facebook from Australia and India to Hasle and Wisconsin.

The video has now been viewed 274,000 times, and one of those who saw the video was the man who was sitting in the car with the cow.

Nelson says that he contacted and told that it was a calf he had just bought. And that there was not one, but three calves in the back seat.


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