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a 100% rap mixtape for the month of October

Posted on June 28, 2020 at 8:43 am

by Ben

From Sexion to his solo career, Gims has successfully developed its musical style. Chaining successes, touching the general public, the man would nonetheless rehash the desire to kick the old fashioned way.

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A homecoming mixtape

What if Gims was back to basics this year? The author of Black belt, second best-selling album in 2018 – behind My country is love by Johnny Hallyday, all the same! – anyway announces a 100% rap mixtape for the end of the year. An unexpected gift for his early fans, nostalgic for his surgical verses. If little information has yet filtered on the content of the project, the artist has nevertheless slipped the information on social networks, commenting on the sales figures of the last album dated Jul, The machine : «Make a score like that when it’s the 20th album… Monstrous. I ask no more for my campaign in October». See how this initiative will be received. As a reminder, at the beginning of 2020, Black belt was flirting with the million sales.

A return of the Sexion of Assault then?

And then, on the sidelines of this unexpected turn, it would seem that Gims is also ready to relaunch the Sexion. Last March, in full containment, the interpreter from Bella put the Arlesian back on the carpet The Return of the Kings, suggesting that his band’s album should finally be released: «Frankly it paid off, it liberated, it’s liberating anyway. Here we are in the negos of who, where the album will be released, with whom it will be distributed». Formed in 2002, the Sexion d’Assaut stopped its adventure in the early 2010s, with the chapter The heyday. Since then, both Gims and Black M or Lefa have taken up solo careers that have been systematically successful.

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