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8 Easy Ways to Take Care of Cellphone Batteries so they Last Long

KOMPAS.com – Cellphones or cellular phones are one of the most important necessities at this time.

Apart from being a means of communication, mobile phones are also used to support activities and work.

Phones that have problems, such as a battery that runs out quickly, can certainly hinder daily activities

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to take care of cellphone batteries so they are not wasteful.

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8 Ways to take care of your cellphone battery so it lasts a long time


Illustration of a cell phone or cell phone, Illustration of charging a cell phone on the bed.

Reporting from several sources, here are 8 easy ways to take care of your cellphone battery so that it lasts longer:

1. Do not charge to full

Quoted from wikihowavoid charging up to 100 percent and using the phone until the battery runs out to 0 percent, as this can quickly damage the phone’s battery.

The best way to extend its lifespan is to charge it partially and frequently.

For example, charging to 80 percent then charging is complete, and using the phone reaches the remaining 20 percent and then charging again.

2. Pay attention to the features that turn on when using a cellphone

Features that are turned on on the phone even if you are not consciously using it can drain the cellphone battery.

These features are usually GPS, bluetooth, and wifi.

Therefore, if you are not using it, you should turn off the feature or application immediately close or turn it off.

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3. Reduce the screen brightness

Lowering the screen brightness on your phone can help save energy.

We recommend that you avoid using the screen brightness control automatically.

Use the screen brightness control manually depending on the user’s needs.

4. Regularly check battery health

All cellphones currently circulating are equipped with a feature to check battery health.

Users can use this feature to find out the performance and battery life of the cellphone they are using.

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5. Turn on battery saver mode

daniel romero

Android smartphone illustration

Battery saving mode can limit the performance of the devices on the phone.

Doing so will limit the use of features and applications that are not used automatically.

Also, using battery saver mode while charging can speed up the battery being fully charged.

6. Avoid temperature extremes

Phone batteries don’t respond well to extreme heat or cold.

If the user is in hot or sunny weather, don’t expose the phone to direct sunlight.

Meanwhile, if you are in a cold area, use a thick cellphone casing so that it can keep you warm.

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7. Avoid using the phone while it is charging

Quoted from Kompas.com Tuesday (12/4/2022), using a cellphone while charging can cause the cellphone to overheat.

Therefore, do not use the phone or it is better to turn it off before charging it.

8. Limit the use of the fast charging feature

The fast charging feature works by forcing it to be full as soon as possible. This condition is inversely proportional to the battery’s ability to absorb power and make the cellphone temperature rise.

Therefore, battery health can be affected by these features. In order for the cellphone battery to last longer and last longer, you should only use the fast charging feature when it is really needed.

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(Source: Kompas.com/Retia Kartika Dewi I Editor: Inten Esti Pratiwi)

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