75th HUT RI logo Accused of Similarity to the Cross, Habib Husin Skakmat The Drivers

Suara.com – Chairman Cyber ​​Indonesia, Husin Alwi Shihab spoke about the protests the logo of the 75th Indonesian Independence Day looks like a cross symbol.

Husin gave subtle but deep insinuations to the protesters logo the.

The satire was conveyed by Husin through his Twitter account @husinshihab. Husin uploaded a photo logo HUT RI ke-75 which was protested by Islamic organizations.

This is the logo of the 75th Indonesian Independence Day that the DSKS has been protesting against asking to change because it is in the shape of a cross, “said Husin as quoted Suara.com, Monday (10/8/2020).

Still in the same tease, Husin analogized the cross feared by the demonic and demonic races.

He attributed it to the people protesting against the logo.

Satan feared the cross. The signs of a person who does not believe he will be frightened when he sees the symbols of other religions. So they are like … ??“cooked Husin.

Husin’s teasing immediately became a public spotlight. Many citizens commented in the form of similar insinuations over the protest action of the 75th HUT RI logo resembling a cross.

Habib Husin gave a subtle satire but in the matter of the 75th Indonesian Independence Day logo it looks like a cross (Twitter / husinshihab)

A number of political figures responded to the actions carried out by the Surakarta City Sharia Council (DSKS) mass organization which protested the logo of the 75th Indonesian Independence Day resembling a cross.

The logo issued by the central government to welcome Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17 is accused of resembling the symbol of a cross. They demanded that the logo be removed and replaced.

In response to this, Parta Solidaritas Indonesia politician Guntur Romli responded with satirical sentences.

Guntur said that it was normal for many objects that looked like crosses to be. Kites also have a similar shape.

Are those who protest and accuse the logo of independence also protest and ban kites because they are seen as crosses? If they are followed, this community will get sick too, “ wrote Guntur Romli.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the DPP Nasdem Party, Martin Manurung also responded to this. He commented that the Turkish flag emblem also existed.

There is a Turkish coat of arms too. The flat lines are part of the American flag, “Said Martin.

Not wanting to be left behind, political observer and founder of the Charta Politika survey institute, Yunarto Wijaya, also commented. According to him, the logo also has similarities with the Japanese flag, because there are spheres.

I think it should be further investigated the infiltration from Japan, there is a Japanese flag tucked in the middle of the cross, “he said.

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