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When it comes to Libra, balance and harmony are essential for them to function. After all, there’s a reason they’re represented by the scales. According to Gailing, they try to make things feel organized.

“Libras also often have an innate ability to know when something is out of sync and a rearrangement is needed, so that a sense of peace can be reestablished,” she says.

Libras are also a very social sign of the zodiac and they hate disappointing people. So they also make sure to organize their social calendars, so they can show up whenever they want. That’s the one thing that sets them apart from the rest when it comes to staying organized.


Out of all the zodiac signs, Virgo could perhaps be considered the most organized of the zodiac. According to Gailing, Virgo “deifies” details.

“This zodiac sign doesn’t like it when things break, and they really enjoy the process of putting things in their place,” she says.

“They feel inspired to classify—whether archives, spices in their kitchen, books by subject, size, or color, or something like that—and create methods.”

While not all Virgos may be very particular about organization and don’t mind a bit of chaos, many of them will be able to notice and be affected by disorganization.

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