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5 Natural Ways to Relieve Body Pains During Cold Weather

Written by Marwa Mahmoud Elias Sunday, February 18, 2024 09:00 AM During the cold winter nights, when the weather tends to be cold, most of us suffer from Various pains in different areas of the body Multiple, and the reason for this is that our muscles cannot become flexible during this cold season. They become exposed to severe pain, severe damage, and weakness as well. They also cause various pains from the head to the feet. This was confirmed by a report published on the Avogel website.

The report continued that there are ways to overcome these pains, headaches in particular, joint, muscle and head pain, and the constant feeling of pain in the extremities, including:

Heat pads or a hot water bottle on some areas of your body through mild, warm, tolerable heat is extremely important to relieve body and muscle aches and pains.

A report published on the SummaHealth medical website also stated that there are many opportunities to reduce this pain that affects the head and bones, including paying attention to regular movement and exercises. Swimming, yoga, bicycle exercises, running, and walking are among the most important of these beneficial exercises.

The importance of maintaining weight without eating a lot of unhealthy food during cold weather, because obesity or indigestion can make you feel cold and have body pain.

Eat a balanced, healthy diet rich in lean protein, fruits and vegetables to promote joint health and relieve headaches

In the same context, Dr. Mohamed Al-Manisi, a consultant in the digestive system and internal medicine at Kasr Al-Aini, said that alleviating these pains begins with a healthy, balanced diet that does not contain a lot of fats or sugars that harm the joints and blood circulation and thus cause headaches and various body pains.

He also advised the need to drink water in large quantities, as the more dehydrated the body is, the more susceptible it is to severe pain and severe headaches

Intense heating through appropriate clothing without excessive or neglect helps reduce the severity of these pains

Ask your doctor about the possibility of obtaining vitamins that enhance nerve health, such as vitamin B

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