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“5 Dream Fight” battle “One Super Series” in 2021

On January 9, 64, ONE Championship as the greatest fighting sports organization. With support from a global audience We are ready to hear from the fans. In 2021, the One Super Series (Muay Thai and Kickboxing Rules) competition continued to heat up since last year, resulting in a number of “Dreamfights”, but here are the top 5 that Arranged that the fans Most wanted to see this year.

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Giorgio vs Marat

Since Marat Grigorian, three-time kickboxing world champion, signed to ONE Championship in 2020, fans have been looking forward to him in the ring against “The Doctor” Georgio. Petrosyan, ONE World Grand Prix Kickboxing Featherweight Champion To prove who will be the number one in the world

Marat made his shocking ONE Championship debut by knocking out Evan Kondratev at ONE: BIG BANG last December. Revealed his viciousness after the absence of the arena for years

However, although ONE Championship does not currently have the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Championship (70.3 kg), but if anyone can win the belt. Will be the first in history To face the world’s top challenger who have come into this agency almost all

Tanks vs super small

Intense punching form of the ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion “The Iron Man” Tang Jitmuangnon Sent him to hold an unbeatable 8-fight record in ONE Championship, with no sign of anyone taking him down.

But when “The Kicking Machine” Super Lekkiat Mu 9 defeated “Yodmay 3 B.E.” Phanphayak Jitmuangnon at ONE: NO SURRENDER in July 2020 with unanimous votes. It made him climb up the rankings to become the No. 1 challenger in the ranking, which once again twitched the desire of boxing fans.

“Tank vs Super Small” is a dream fight that Thai fans have been waiting for for years. But because they are in different battles, they make it quite difficult to organize competitions in our home But if we meet on ONE Championship, this event doesn’t go out of anyone.

Janet vs Alicia

Two female fighters “JT” Janet Todd and “Allicia Hellen Rodrigues, both of whom took the belt away from Thailand’s number one” Stamp Fairtex “last year. In 2020, sit on the throne as the new queens of kickboxing and Muay Thai rules.

For Janet, he was a ONE Atomweight Muay Thai World Champion and a stamp, but lost, causing the belt to fall into the hands of a former Thai woman world champion. Which was almost two years ago

If you come back, challenge this belt one more time. With the new female world champion Alicia, it looks like the toughest female boxing partner of the year.

Roman vs Murat

Indeed, “Roman Kryklia and” The Butcher “Murat Aygun should meet as the main pair of ONE: BIG BANG World Championships on December 4. But with the virus situation that is pandemic around the world This made it necessary for Murat to meet “Braddock” Anderson Silva and win unanimously in that battle.

While Roman promoted his defense to December 18 at ONE: COLLISION COURSE with “Mister KO” challenger Andre Stoika, before the World Champion opened his brutal gear mode. Tackling a crushed pair throughout 5 rounds

Therefore, when they are paired, they should not be out of shape for a long time, Murat should have the opportunity to shake the Roman throne as he had previously matched.

Petch Morakot vs Jamal

This is yet another escapade. “Kherow” Jamal Yusupov has been booked as a contender for the ONE Muay Thai Featherweight World Championship with “Petchmorakot Petchyindee Academy” since February. 2020

After Jamal made his debut on Championship One by overthrowing the legendary “The Boxing Computer” Yod Saen Klai IWE Fairtex in November 2019, he became a global watch. Along with getting the chance to go up to the world championship But with an illness, he asked to withdraw and got “Pongsiri PK Sanchai Muay Thai” to become a boxing matchap.

Recently, Jamal returned to the ring at ONE: COLLISION COURSE II on 25 December ago. While showing the power of a dangerous punch to send “AK-47” Semisana to the referee Before winning unanimously after the match for 3 rounds

For Petchmorakot, having held the ONE world championship throne, he defended the title twice from far-flung peaks and “Crazy Viking” Magnus Anderson in July and September respectively. If there is anyone who deserves to be challenged for Petchmorakot’s belt, then Jamal Yusupov is waiting as the No. 1 challenger of Ranking.

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