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5 Alternative Email Clients That Are Better Than Gmail and Outlook

Best Email Clients That Offer a Fresh Take on Managing Your Mail

Spark Mail + AI

Image: Readdle Technologies

If you’re tired of using Gmail and Outlook, there are a variety of email clients available that offer a fresh and more efficient way to manage your mail. One such email app is Spark Mail + AI, which is compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs. It provides a streamlined inbox experience with tools such as email organization and blocking unwanted senders. Spark Mail + AI has an AI assistant that can assist with message composition. Additionally, it automatically filters newsletters and notifications, preventing them from cluttering your inbox.


The Airmail email app
Image: Bloop

Airmail is another excellent alternative to traditional email clients. Its familiar design creates a user-friendly experience, while providing unique features such as a unified inbox, email scheduling, and message filtering. Airmail also offers compatibility with Apple’s Vision Pro, allowing users to conveniently access their emails using Apple’s headset. However, please note that Airmail is currently only available for macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS, and is not yet compatible with Windows or Android.

Proton Mail

The Proton Mail email app
Image: Proton

When it comes to prioritizing privacy, Proton Mail stands out. Unlike popular email clients such as Gmail and Outlook, Proton Mail puts privacy first by not scanning your messages for profit or displaying ads. Additionally, it offers features like one-click unsubscribe from newsletters, email address masking, and handy tools like scheduled messages and email snoozing. Proton Mail’s commitment to privacy makes it an ideal choice for users who value their personal information security.

Edison Mail

The Edison email app
Image: Edison Software

Edison Mail offers a plethora of thoughtful features that enhance your email experience. Its intuitive design allows for easy management of messages through actions like moving, deleting, or selecting them without opening each individual email. Inbox organization is simplified with automatic sorting into tabs for different types of content, while its quick email fetching and message threading optimize email management. Additionally, you can customize app actions to suit your needs, providing a unique and adaptive email app experience.


The Hey email app
Image: Basecamp

Hey offers an innovative and refreshing approach to email management. Instead of a traditional inbox, Hey features an “Imbox” that only contains messages from approved senders. This unique strategy aims to reduce inbox clutter and streamline important messages. Additionally, Hey includes features like a built-in calendar with habit tracking, simplified message filtering, and spam blocking. With its forward-thinking ideas and creative features, Hey provides a truly unique email app experience.

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