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4GLTE – Haiti: The former Dg Tèt Kale of Conatel accuses Jovenel Moïse of having conspired with the boss of Digicel and mortgaged the future of Telecoms

Jean David Rodney still seems unable to digest the circumstances of his ouster at the head of the National Telecommunications Council (Conatel) in October 2019 and his replacement by Mr. Jean Marie Guillaume

Sunday January 17, 2021 ((rezonodwes.com)) –

In a Facebook post in Kreyòl Ayisyen dated January 14, 2021, the former Director General of Conatel accused the boss of Digicel, Mr. Maarten Boute, of having (with the complicity of Jovenel Moïse) taken control and placed his “lobbyist” at the head of the Telecoms regulatory body (Conatel) in order to help Digicel to avoid its financial obligations to the Haitian State and to transform the country into a financial structure intended to pay plotters of all stripes and thus continue the work of dismantling and systematic looting of the country.

Mr. Rodney (“Ban dèyè djaz la”, that’s how he calls himself), in a previous publication, had admitted to having one. “Debt of heart” to the former President Joseph Martelly and expressed his wish and his “happiness” to see him in “good health in one of the strong expressions of his passions: Political Power and Music. “

However when it comes to Jovenel Moïse, the unknown friend of PREZ (this is how he affectionately calls Mr. Martelly), believes that the CEO of Digicel and the President at the end of his mandate have agreed on the 4GLTE file and plotted to mortgage the future of the Telecommunications sector in Haiti as well as the prospects for future generations.

This is not the first time that the former CEO of Conatel has attacked Mr. Boute.
Recently he had accused him of having personally pocketed 500 million USD during the 10 years of the PHTK regime and transferred 4 billion USD to his boss, Denis O’Brien.

Mr. Boute would have, according to Mr. Rodney, also distributed a few crumbs to his allies in the media, in the political sector and in civil society, again according to the former CEO of Conatel appointed by President Jovenel Moïse in May 2017 and replaced by the current CEO of Conatel, Mr. Jean Marie Guillaume in October 2019.

Between the CEO of Digicel and Engineer Jean David Rodney, it has never been the “great love”.

Indeed in 2018, in a tweet, the boss of the telephone company Digicel complained about the relations maintained by the National Telecommunications Council (Conatel) with companies operating in the telecommunications sector.

Maarten Boute had revealed that, during the last riots due to the increase in gasoline prices, “telecommunications operators suffered significant damage”.

However, “not even a courtesy call from Conatel” lamented Boute, a Haitian of Belgian origin, who said that Conatel “never hesitated to call us together to extract money from us”.

The Director General of Conatel, Jean David Rodney, was quick to respond to this vitriolic attack. In correspondence, DG Rodney had qualified the tweet of the President of Digicel as “defamatory remarks held to the prejudice both of the institution and of its Director General”, and, consequently, had summoned Maarten Boute to the head office of Conatel.

Today, after his replacement at the head of Conatel, Jean David Rodney in turn accuses the CEO of Digicel of having benefited from the complicity of Jovenel Moïse to take control of the regulatory body of the sector by placing there at its head its lobbyist and thus mortgage the future of the sector and the prospects for future generations.

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