“4 Must-Have Dried Fruits for Men’s Sexual Health and Wellbeing”

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Thursday, March 30, 2023

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The holy month of Ramadan is famous for a group of healthy foods that help promote sexual health in men, such as dried fruits, but they should be eaten in moderation.

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In the next report, “The Consulto” reviews dried fruits that are beneficial for men’s sexual health.

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Dried fruits useful for sexual health in men

1- Dates

– Dates help to practice intimacy without feeling tired and exhausted, and the reason is that it contains a high percentage of sugars, which provide the body with energy, vitality and activity.

Dates contain high levels of potassium, which helps improve erection during sexual intercourse, thanks to its ability to enhance the flow of oxygen-laden blood to all parts of the body, especially the penis.

– A study conducted on a group of mice revealed that dates contributed to their treatment of infertility, but more studies on humans are still needed to confirm the validity of this benefit.

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2- Prunes

Prunes play a major role in maintaining testosterone levels in the body, as they contain zinc, which also helps increase sperm count, improve their quality, and enhance their motility.

Prunes provide significant protection against erectile dysfunction, due to its ability to improve the flow of oxygenated blood to the penis.

Prunes are characterized by their vitamin B complex, which helps to strengthen the peripheral nerves, especially the nerves controlling the erection process.

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3- Raisins

When eating raisins, the body gets arginine acid, which helps treat erectile dysfunction, by increasing nitric oxide, which contributes to improving the blood supply to the male organ.

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4- Dried figs

Dried figs prevent men from taking Viagra, because it helps to enhance sexual ability, because it contains zinc and manganese, provided that it is soaked in a glass of milk for 12 hours, then drink this drink.

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