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37th Calendar Week: Historical Events, Birthdays, and Death Days

37th calendar week, 258th day of the year

107 days left until the end of the year

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Name day: Ludmilla, Melitta, Roland, Notburg


2022 – The German director Wim Wenders receives the Praemium Imperiale cultural prize. Other award winners include Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and Polish pianist Krystian Zimerman. The Japan Art Association awards the prize, worth around 110,000 euros, every year.

2022 – Swiss tennis star Roger Federer announces the end of his career at the age of 41. The long-time world number one and 20-time Grand Slam tournament winner cites physical problems as the reason.

2008 – Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy: Despite dramatic rescue negotiations by the US government and other Wall Street banks, the 158-year-old traditional company had to file for protection from creditors.

1998 – The Hanover-Berlin ICE route goes into operation after six years of construction.

1983 – Klaus Tennstedt becomes the first German to take up the position of chief conductor and musical director of the London Philharmonic.

1983 – Richard von Weizsäcker (CDU) is received as the first governing mayor of West Berlin by the GDR State Council Chairman Erich Honecker in East Berlin.

1973 – Carl XVI Gustaf becomes King Gustav VI on the anniversary of his grandfather’s death. Adolf was proclaimed King of Sweden. On September 19th he will be sworn in on the constitution.

1968 – The New National Gallery by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe opens in Berlin.

1908 – Swedish explorer Sven Hedin arrives in the Indian city of Simla after his third expedition to Asia.


1973 – Prince Daniel (50), Swedish prince, husband of the heir to the Swedish throne, Crown Princess Victoria

1963 – Maike Bollow (60), German actress (“Today I’m blonde”)

1933 – Petra Schürmann, German TV presenter and actress (ZDF series “Eating like God in Germany”), election for “Miss World” 1956, died 2010

1873 – Otto Wels, German politician, gave the last free speech in the Reichstag on March 23, 1933 against the National Socialists’ “Enabling Act” (“Freedom and life can be taken away from us, but not our honor.”), died in 1939

1803 – Grandville, French cartoonist, “The Metamorphoses of the Day”, died 1847 (according to other information, born on September 13th)


1978 – Willy Messerschmitt, German aircraft designer, who designed around 40 of his own aircraft models and produced sewing machines and motor vehicles “cabin scooters” during the aircraft construction ban after the war, namesake of the companies: Messerschmitt Flugzeugbau GmbH 1923, Messerschmitt AG 1938, Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm GmbH 1969, born 1898

1973 – Gustav VI Adolf, King of Sweden 1950-1973, grandfather of Carl XVI. Gustaf, born 1882

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