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346 new cases of COVID-19 per day

The number of new cases of coronavirus increased as an absolute number but decreased slightly as a percentage on a daily basis. There are 346 newly opened cases for July 30, a huge increase of 115 on a daily basis, after there were 231 infected on Wednesday. 22,989 tests were performed (PCR and antigenic), ie. by 7897 more than the reported 15,092 days earlier. Thus, the percentage of positive samples decreases slightly – from 1.53 percent to 1.5%.

For the day there are 17,191 antigen tests, 180 of which are positive, ie. 1.04% positive samples. For comparison, in the previous report there were 10,691 antigen tests, of which 121 were positive, ie. 1.13%. PCR tests are 5798, and positive of them are 166, ie. 2.86 percent. On Wednesday, this type of test was 4401, with 110 positive among them or 2.49%.

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The total confirmed cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria are already 424 872. 2 236 851 PCR and 1 375 327 antigen tests were performed (a total of 3 612 178), as the average percentage of positive samples since the beginning of the pandemic is 11.76 percent – a decrease of 0.06%.

The active cases are increasing again and are now 8125, which is 243 more than in the previous report. There is also an increase in hospitals, with the number of people there being 797, which is 33 more. The number of patients placed in intensive care units is decreasing and is now 75 – 4 less. 100 people have recovered and the total number is now 398,536. For the second day in a row, 3 people died with a diagnosis of COVID-19. Thus, the total number of those who lost the battle with the virus in Bulgaria is already 18,211. A total of 13,475 medical personnel are among the official cases of coronavirus, ie. with 1 more. 13,878 people are under quarantine – an increase of 1957.

28.9 is the 14-day morbidity per 100,000 people compared to 25 in yesterday’s report. 18.75 is the 7-day morbidity per 100,000 people compared to 15.7 in yesterday’s report. 0.61 is the 14-day mortality rate per 100,000 people compared to 0.65 in yesterday’s report.

The single information portal also provides data on the doses of vaccines administered. They are a total of 2,024,943, which means that about 16% of the country’s population has already received at least one dose. People with completed immunization are 998,088 or about 14.35 percent of the population, and they include 75,336 vaccines of “Jansen”, which is administered in only one dose. For the last 24 hours, there have been 10,958 vaccines given. 4405 are the first dose, 6553 are the second dose.

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Most cases were found in Sofia-city – 96, followed by Burgas with 39 and Plovdiv and Varna with 38. In 2 districts – Vidin and Razgrad, there is not a single new case.

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