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Tech.hitekno.com – SecneurX security experts report there is a line dangerous application which can steal user data to break into accounts. Check whether android application This dangerous one is installed on your cellphone.

It was also reported that a marlawar named Hook had been circulating which had infected a number of them application. In fact, there are up to 34 applications that are now dangerous.

The Hook malware itself was created by hackers who also created Android viruses for BlackRock banking and harmful ERMAC.

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The hook runs a series of frauds such as data exfiltration to transactions as reported by Threat Fabric. The method of stealing information from the victim that is sent to the hacker.

Quoted from Gizchina, Hook has been found in various countries, such as the United States, Australia, Poland, Canada, Turkey, England, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

A number of Android apps are reported to have been infected malware those hooks. But what are the malicious applications that are infected?

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The following is a list of malicious applications that SecneurX reports can steal user data:

  • Logo Design Maker
  • Funny Emoji Keyboard
  • Animal Doodle Drawing
  • Paper Paint – Autolycos
  • Dexterity QR Scanner
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Fun Paint & Coloring
  • Beauty Christmas Songs
  • Epica Gamebox & Hub
  • Magic Face AI
  • Love Sticker
  • HD Screen Mirroring
  • Phone to TV – Joker
  • Photo Voice Translator
  • Effect Voice Changer
  • Quick PDF Scanner
  • Easy Voice Change
  • Fast Language Translator
  • Perfect Face Swap
  • Effects Photo Editor
  • Super Emoji Editor & Sticker
  • Blue Voice Changer
  • Cool Screen Mirroring
  • Phone Cleaner Lite
  • Digital Clock – Always display
  • Live Wallpaper
  • Grape Camera & Photo Editor
  • Blood Glucose Recorder
  • Clever Clean – Batter Saver
  • Album Live Wallpaper & Theme
  • Shortcut Screen Mirroring
  • Mind Message – Joker
  • Advanced Cast Screen
  • Coloring Painting
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Those are 34 malicious applications that were allegedly infected malware Hook. Check whether the Android application above is installed on your cellphone or not.

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