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31 days of vacation for an employee? Such may be the changes to the Labor Code 2021 [19.04.2021]

31 days of vacation for an employee? Soon we may face a significant revolution in holidays. There are several proposals ready for increasing the number of vacation days to be used by an employee. In some cases, however, certain conditions will have to be met. What could change? What are the suggestions for changes in holidays? Check the latest information.

We are preparing a very serious amendment to the labor code. The government is working on changes to holidays. What may be in the new regulations? First of all, increasing the vacation days for employees.

The Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology has not yet revealed what changes are being prepared. However, the Business Insider portal states that that there are several suggestions in the game:

  • 26 days of leave for everyone, regardless of the length of work
  • 31 vacation days per year, instead of 26 for all employees
  • 31 days of leave for employees with 30 years of work experience

Recall that according to the current regulations, 26 vacation days are entitled to an employee with 10 years of service. This includes the period of employment, but also secondary or vocational education and higher education.

On the other hand, the National Alliance of Trade Unions proposed to increase the number of vacation days for employees with 10 years of experience from 26 to 31 days. OPZZ motivates its postulate Poles overworked and had a high level of stress.

Project of changes in holidays is very much commented on. Employers do not want to agree to the proposed new recipes. For several months now, talks have been held between the trade unions, the Council for Social Dialogue and the government.

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– For the time being, talks are being held between partners – that is, trade unions, the ruling party and entrepreneurs. This project raises a lot of controversy – said Piotr Bocianowski, an attorney-at-law and specialist in the field of labor law, for Business Insider.

Most disputes are about the second of the above-mentioned proposals, or 31 days of leave for everyone. Employers do not want to agree to this, as it will generate additional costs for them.

We will have to wait a little longer for official information from the government. It is possible that the changes will be presented during the presentation of the New Deal – the PiS program, which is to show proposals for Poles after the coronavirus pandemic. However, the deadline for announcing this program was moved by the difficult pandemic situation in Poland.

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