3 moments of tension Meghan and Kate Middleton at the queen’s funeral


Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are now in the spotlight of the world. The reason is that the two were filmed on camera acting awkwardly as they faced each other during the procession leading up to St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. At that moment, Kate looked confused to find a place. Kate tries to get out of the way that Meghan is blocking.

Quoted by the Daily Star, Prince William has arranged how his family members can fill their respective seats. After arriving first, he told Prince George to stop and wait for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to get off.

But Kate seemed oblivious and continued down the hall. Then, Charlotte walked over to Kate and sat down next to Harry. As Princess Charlotte sat next to her uncle, Prince Harry, her brother Prince George sat between their parents and the Princess of Wales.


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It is the first time William and Kate’s children have been seen in public since the death of their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The cold moment of Meghan and Kate

Previously, the figure of Meghan and Kate was also in the spotlight for Meghan’s gesture, who seemed frightened when she met Kate face to face. At that time, mourners gathered to pay tribute to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Prince William, Kate, Prince Harry and Meghan greet the benefactors outside Windsor Castle.

Later, a viral video showed Kate’s gestures staring at Meghan with “frightening” intensity in the moment.

“Unlike the confident Meghan we know, Meghan looked uncomfortable during this meeting, which is not surprising given the recent criticism she faced,” said Katia Loisel, body language expert and connection specialist. 9/2022). She highlighted the lack of eye contact and interaction between Meghan and Kate.

“On many occasions Meghan looked at Kate, however, the gaze was not returned. Instead, Kate appeared to be looking at Meghan, she was showing the underlying tension between the couple.”

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