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JAKARTA – The lunar eclipse will take place today until May 16, 2022, this phenomenon can be witnessed directly by the inhabitants of the Earth. A number of countries will witness firsthand, but not with Indonesia.

The Center for Space Science of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) in an official statement said, the Total Lunar Eclipse will occur tomorrow 15-16 May 2022.

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Here are some facts about the lunar eclipse that will take place in a number of countries:

1. Definition of a lunar eclipse

“Total Lunar Eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon when the Moon, Earth and Sun are in a straight line where the Moon enters completely into the Earth’s umbra,” wrote BRIN.

Thus, no sunlight can be reflected to the Earth’s surface. Total lunar eclipses tend to be reddish in color due to Rayleigh refraction, the selective refraction of sunlight by Earth’s atmosphere.

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“When the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth that experiences the day, the Sun’s rays will travel a longer path than the side of the Earth that experiences night,” said BRIN.

2. Residents of the Total Lunar Eclipse and its Causes

Sunlight that reaches the moon will be refracted to longer wavelengths in the light spectrum and will appear in the red spectrum.

“The total lunar eclipse can be reddish orange in color, caused by dust and poor air quality at the observation location,” said BRIN.

Meanwhile, the total lunar eclipse can be dull red to brownish in color if the air quality at the observation location is clear of dust.

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3. A number of countries will witness the lunar eclipse

This lunar eclipse, the peak will occur at 11.11 WIB. For some regions in the Americas, the peak of this eclipse will occur on May 15, 2022.

The Total Lunar Eclipse this time can only be seen in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East (except eastern Iran), New Zealand, and most of Oceania.

“This eclipse cannot be witnessed in Indonesia, because the Moon is already below the horizon,” said BRIN.

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