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3 Causes of the German National Team Failing Totally at the 2020 European Cup, Number 1 Becomes a Spotlight: Okezone Bola

TIM National (National Team) Germany fall faster than the competition Euro 2020. Precisely the squad nicknamed Der Panzer was eliminated in the round of 16 when dealing with their old enemy, namely England with a score of 0-2.

Germany’s failure clearly became very bitter because in the previous big competition, namely at the 2018 World Cup, they were eliminated very quickly from the group phase. As if not learning from experience, Germany then repeated the failure like in the 2018 World Cup which took place in Russia.

With Germany’s failure at Euro 2020, the coach, Joachim Low, failed to give the best farewell gift for the team he had defended for 15 years. So what exactly was wrong with Germany to finally fall early in the 2020 European Cup?

Here are three reasons why the German national team failed miserably at the 2020 European Cup, citing Sportskeeda:

3. Relying Too Much on Wingback to Attack

At the Euro 2020 event, Low decided to install a 3-4-1-2 formation, in which two wingbacks were tasked with assisting the German attack line. The two players who are trusted to fill the wingback position are Joshua Kimmich on the right side and Robin Gosens on the left wing.

Actually, Kimmich and Gosens played very well in carrying out their duties as wingbacks. However, Gosens’ slick game only lasted in the first two games. In his last two matches with Germany, Gosens experienced a decline in performance.

Maybe it was because Gosens was tired of always going back and forth to defend. Because Kimmich, who played well on the right, ultimately failed to perform optimally against England.

Germany who rely too much on their wingback to attack made Kimmich and Gosens exhausted. Moreover, the two England goals created by Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane all started from the right side of the German defense, which proved Kimmich failed to close his position quickly because he was too forward.

2. Low Selection Play Timo Werner instead of Serge Gnabry

Timo Werner's golden opportunity that failed to score in the England vs Germany match

Low’s decision to play Timo Werner instead of Serge Gnabry against England really raises a big question mark. Because Gnabry has actually become a player that Germany has relied on in three group stage matches of the 2020 European Cup.

Even though he didn’t score in those three matches, Gnabry’s game actually managed to mess up the opponent’s defense. Gnabry played an important role in Germany’s success in qualifying from Group Hell with the runner-up status in Group F which consists of France, Portugal and Hungary.

Werner himself started against England as Low appeared to want Germany to take advantage of the Chelsea striker’s pace on the counter-attack. However, in the end Werner actually failed to carry out his duties properly. Though a number of golden opportunities can be created by Werner.

1. Weak German Defense on Counterattack

Interesting facts about the England vs Germany match laga

Only playing three central defenders made the German defense not too strong, especially when getting a counter-attack. Moreover, having a senior defender who is not young anymore like Mats Hummels, makes the German defense can be said to be fragile when facing a fast counter-attack.

The two goals that went into Manuel Neuer’s goal while being held 2-2 by Hungary on the final matchday of Group F of the 2020 European Cup started from a quick counter-attack. Imagine if the counter-attack goal did not happen, Germany won 2-0 over Hungary and led the Group F standings, then the possibility that happened is that they did not meet England, but Switzerland.

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