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24 Year Old Man from Cirebon, West Java Tests Positive for Monkey Pox

CIREBONKOMPAS.com- 24 year old man, from Regency CirebonWest Java, tested positive monkey pox.

This man is suspected of being exposed after traveling from Subang and Bekasi.

The Head of the Cirebon Regency Health Service, Neneng Hasanah, conveyed the following initial information from the Cirebon City surveillance team’s report that there were residents of Cirebon Regency who were suspected.

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Neneng sent a team to carry out epidemiological investigations and carry out sample examinations.

“Last Friday evening (10/11/2023), the sample results were declared positive. So there was one person with symptoms of fever, there were lesions too,” said Neneng when met by Kompas.com at the Regent’s Office Building, Monday morning (13/11 /2023).

Neneng added that this 24 year old man was suspected of being exposed after traveling from the Bekasi and Subang areas, working as a freelancer. He also had close contact with his family at home.

After receiving positive results from the Jakarta Balitbangkes, this resident carried out independent isolation at home. He shares bedroom space with other family members.

“His condition is currently stable, healthy, the symptoms are fever, joint pain. He is not being treated in hospital, but is self-isolating at home,” said Neneng.

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Neneng said that the Cirebon District Health Service had prepared 12 hospitals to handle cases Monkey Pox and others. This preparedness has been learned from the Covid-19 disease.

According to him, the spread and transmission of Monkey Pox is not as massive as Covid 19, which is easily transmitted through the air, while Monkey Pox is through contact or sexual intercourse.

On that basis, Neneng together with all Health Service officers from up to 60 Community Health Centers spread throughout the Cirebon Regency area, will carry out outreach to the community regarding prevention.

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