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○Box score

Link destination: B League official

B League 2023-24 B1 League Match 2023/11/30 Shimane VS Chiba J | B.LEAGUE (B League) Official Site

Introducing B.LEAGUE’s “Match Information Details”. B.LEAGUE, a men’s professional basketball league.

○Shimane wanted to win…

Today’s game was the first game after the bye week, and it was an important game that could be considered the start of the second season, but it was a home match against Shimane that we wanted to win more than anything.

The first half was really good.
They defended against Chiba’s pick-and-roll by blitzing (double team), and they got hooked to it, inviting 11 TOs in the first half alone.
Kitagawa, who played as a starter, often chased Togashi.

Buford also started to get better and finished the first half with an 11-point lead, and everyone thought, “This is how high the “level” of “West” is.

Why the second half…
What about clutch time…

○ Shirahama is missing!

I think the reasons for Shimane’s loss were free throws, rebounds, and corner threes.
If I could do just one of these three things a little more, I could have won.

I can’t help but think that if Shirahama had been there, he would have made the corner three.

○Super Buford is finished with a merge!

I’m going to take a deep breath and score 35 points…
The three, middle and drive were all crazy.

Where on earth is the theory that Buford is not doing well after the holidays…?

○Chiba’s rebound was too strong lol

sorry. Aren’t the Chiba Jets strong?
With today’s performance, it would be extremely difficult for us to win at Shimane home.

Anyway, the rebound was great. It’s a bug that the offensive rebound % is close to 50%.
I feel like they have come up with the “optimal solution” for the B League.

I felt that Mr. Cooks, a new member, made a considerable contribution.
12 rebounds is great. Trust Mr. Cooks.

GM Ikeuchi’s “Wave Hunt” has been decided perfectly! ! Can Cooks be the savior of the Chiba Jets? ?[Mr. Wai’s column]| BNT@Basketball News Times

○ (GM Ikeuchi) is a high-level player who will always let you play ~Synopsis so far~[2022-23 season]Why are there two foreign nationals (Law and Chris) on the wing! What is the teaching? What is the teaching? ! I bet Mr. Ikeuchi isn’t Albedo either, right? ↓ Mysterious offensive system ↓ Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow… 3 wins in the opening season…

picture? Mooney had 17 rebounds? It’s okay because that person is so normal.

○ Steffens’ threes ruin Chiba’s life.

Mr. Steffens had 4/6 threes, but when Chiba said, “Kit!”, I decided to make it for the rest of my life. There’s even a possibility that the game would have been decided in the first half if Steffens hadn’t been there.

Also, the B League official has uploaded the video of that inhuman double clutch.

○ Hara and Okura make big runs in the 3rd quarter

Hara and Okura are too reliable, lol.

Okura made an easy pass mistake and I was thinking, “That’s a shame,” but he started the game with a steal and became the catalyst for the 3rd quarter. Also a timely three.

With Chiba unable to make threes and lacking in attackers, Hara penetrated the paint with a speed-controlled drive, calmly and physically sinking shots from there, and became the driving force behind the comeback.

It was funny to see the two-letter words “outside the mystery” lined up in the comment section every time Hara was active.

○Why do they let Togashi go free only during clutch time…

The defense that allowed Togashi to make a clutch three was probably a mistake.

Until then, Togashi’s defense that took care of his threes had been working…why didn’t he just use show defense in this scene…?

It doesn’t matter if I miss 10 shots in a row, I’ll keep hitting. A creature called Togashi.


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