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2024 Presidential Election: Trump vs Biden vs Newsom vs Harris

Opinion polls in the United States currently suggest that next year’s presidential election will be a duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

However, the former does not believe that Biden will be his opponent next year.

– Personally, I don’t think he will make it to the election next year. I think he is in bad physical shape. Mentally, I think he is just as bad and maybe worse, says Trump during a public meeting in Iowa broadcast on Fox News the night before Wednesday.

The former president rather believes that the Democratic candidate will be either California Governor Gavin Newsom or Vice President Kamala Harris.

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Trump’s comment comes in the wake of Biden saying on Tuesday evening that it is not certain that he would have run for president in 2024 if it were not for Donald Trump.

– We cannot let him win, Biden said at an event for donors to the 2024 election campaign outside Boston.

Trump is currently in the best position in the nomination battle to become the Republican presidential candidate and challenge Biden in the election in November next year.

Biden already announced in April that he will run for re-election as the Democrats’ presidential candidate. Biden is 81 years old and has been president since January 2021.

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