Evocative landscapes with KunstZinnig Pieter

Posted on: September 16, 2022 Actively participating in an art form creates (even more) a connection: with the customers themselves, with their environment and the rest of the world. Art creates what cannot (anymore) always be captured in words, it touches hearts. By stimulating the imagination, the self-awareness of the elderly is strengthened and they … Read more

CRB X Cruzeiro – Supersport

27 1 time Luvannor kicks hard from the midfielder and goes over the goal. 26 1 time Cyprian crosses from the left, Stenio dominates and when it comes time to kick he slips !!! 25 1 time Corner kick in the CRB area on the right and Oliveira heads wide. Shot on target. 24 1 … Read more

Eight grandchildren of the late Queen Elizabeth watch for 15 minutes near the coffin in Westminster Hall

Tonight, Queen Elizabeth’s eight grandchildren watched over her grandmother for 15 minutes. Prince William led the group to the coffin, followed by Prince Harry, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Lady Louise and James, Viscount of Severn. Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips were the last to enter the room. William and Harry, both dressed in military uniforms, … Read more

University canteens are becoming more expensive, retirees are decreasing

The price of lunch in university canteens goes up. The reason is mainly the food prices. For example, at the Prague University of Economics (VŠE), the price of a main meal in one of the canteens has increased by six crowns before the holidays and by another three crowns since September, now fluctuating between 88 … Read more

From “not falling into one session” to “the best in previous sessions” and serving as the “guest of honor”, leveraging the help of China-ASEAN Expo Chongqing to expand the market ASEAN_Chongqing Municipal People’s Government Network

At noon on September 16, the 19th China-ASEAN Expo (hereinafter referred to as CAEXPO) was officially open to the public. When the exhibitors entered the main entrance to the B2 area of ​​CAEXPO, the first thing they saw was the Chongqing Pavilion. The products made in Chongqing, such as Seris M7, Fengmi T1 laser TV, … Read more

Metals division: the strong demand for diamonds in Egypt. The ring is a quarter carat at 6,500 pounds

Repeated jumps in gold prices in Egypt since March 2022, to record the yellow metal unprecedented levels at 1115 pounds per gram of 21 carats, which is the caliber demanded by the Egyptian family, which prompted some couples to marry to seek the purchase of a network of diamond And not gold, especially as the … Read more